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  • Over 95% filtration efficiency (Executive Standard: GB/T 32610-2016). 
  • Made of high-quality melt-blown and non-woven polypropylene filter cloth.

  • Black Outer Fluid Resistant Layer. Same great protection as the Level 1 blue masks in a stylish Black Color and Black Ear loops. 

  • 3-layer filtration system of the safety mouth covers effectively prevent dust and a series of airborne pollutants.

  • Level 1 Protection

  • Multiple protections to block dust, harmful substances, gases and odors, and reduce infections.

  • 3-layer protective mouth cover masks are light and non-bulky.

  • Surgical disposable face masks cover your nose, mouth and chin, offering you full protection.

  • Ideal for procedures where low amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols are produced.

  • Medical Grade
    High Fluid Resistance >80mm Hg 
    Filtration Efficiency BFE ≥ 95% PFE ≥ 95% @ 0.1 micron 
    Breathability - Delta P < 4.0 mm H2O/cm2 
    Flame Spread Class 1

The standard 3-layer surgical mask is also known as a fluid-resistant surgical mask (FRSM). The mask is designed to provide a barrier to droplets which can adversely affect the wearer’s nose, mouth and respiratory tract. It fits fairly loosely to the user’s face in comparison to the KN95 mask. These single-use masks are used for a variety of procedures in community as well as hospital settings. They should be changed when they become moistened or damaged. 3-layer surgical masks should be worn with eye protection.