Medical System operates in the health segment, selling medical and hospital equipment, accessories and other handling objects with legal certifications to assist in exams and daily practices by qualified professionals.

Currently, we have increased the focus on the production of our SARS-COV-2 Antibody Test Kit, due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic and the huge demand for testing in order to increase the number of diagnoses, as recommended by the OMS.

In addition to Tests, we sell several products in order to contribute to the population, as well as Infrared Thermometers, Sterilizing Products, among others. Get to know our product line by clicking here.

Is to contribute with products that help the population and health professionals in cleaning, diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

We seek to be recognized worldwide for the seriousness, quality, efficiency and assertiveness of our entire product line.


Check out all of our legal certifications for operating, producing and marketing products for the health segment.

Reports and Certifications:
– First Covid-19 Test Kit approved by the CFDA;
– CFDA certificate;
– CE / FSC approved;
– FDA certification.

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