U.S. Has Major Nitrile Glove Shortage Ahead of COVID-19 Vaccinations
Jan 13, 2021


Gloves feels like masks did several months ago.
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Pandemic Second Wave Will Cause Surge Pricing
Dec 08, 2020


The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is almost upon us and many US states are stockpiling to avoid shortages which will lead to price surges. Are you prepared? 
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Free Ear Strap Saver
Oct 12, 2020


At Guardia Medical, we realize that people who use our face masks are often wearing them for considerable amounts of...
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21 Extremely Useful Coronavirus Infographics
Aug 27, 2020


Stay safe with these useful infographics and guides.
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Donate PPE to Charity Now
Aug 26, 2020


Guardia Medical helps fight coronavirus with American Red Cross.
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8 Coronavirus Inspired Street Art Murals
Jul 17, 2020


Street art inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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What Are COVID Parties And Why Are They Killing Americans?
Jul 15, 2020


A 30-year-old Texas man has died after believing coronavirus was a hoax. Testing his theory, he attended a “COVID party”...
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